A pleasure, I'm sure.

Once upon a Rainy Evening || Open RP

The rain came down suddenly in dull, muted thumps upon the roof of the small apartment. They sky outside quickly began looking more and more like a painting, with grey clouds rolling over one another in a very monochromatic fashion. It was as if they were in a competition with each other over who could spread further gloomy darkness over the surrounding area. Lighting and thunder could be seen and heard from the distance, growing louder with every flash and roar.

Sitting with a warm blanket wrapped loosely around her shoulders, Brenda was positioned very comfortable on her new linen couch. In her hands was the latest issue of some science magazine she had picked up at a newspaper stand on her way home from the store the day before. She did not like going out in public, the risk of her loosing her temper was very high in large groups of people, but she could stay indoors everyday. Today, however, she could simply stay hidden within the stress free walls of her new apartment, charitably provided for her by a Mister Tony Stark.

The clock on the wall ticked and tocked rhythmically with the falling rain outside. A sudden wave of cold air drifted through the house as the AC hummed on. Music played quietly from the small radio setting on the rosewood coffee table. Everything was calm, peaceful, and just the way Brenda liked it. Flipping a page of her magazine, she continued to read the various articles lazily. None of the information within the pages was worthwhile, and overall it was not very interesting. Having not been notified of any visitations, she relaxed and enjoyed the sweet serenity of isolation.

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